Thursday, October 1, 2009

Punishing People is Un-Pleasant

Regarding Director Roman Polanski:

When people commit a crime and the authorities find out, they get punished.

This is a very clear case and if a non-artist commited rape and then fled the country to avoid the law, there would be nothing to talk about. Also, if we decided not to prosecute crimes based on the "forgiveness" of a victim to their perpetrator, there would be a lot less pedophiles and rapists to prosecute but a lot more crimes occurring. Forgiveness is simply not relevant.
Successful artists, it seems, DO think they are above the law and the names on the petition to release the director are duly noted.
Kids, it's unpleasant to see him punished, but that falls under the category of Too F*@king Bad. Let's re-gain our grip on the difference between right and wrong.


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