Monday, March 9, 2009

To The Stockade With Him!

The Madoff plea bargain is infuriating even if it will save taxpayers a drawn-out, ugly trial and some lawyer eventually getting stomach cancer for having to defend this scum for months.

Public humiliation should be part of the penalty for some criminals. Embarrassing the few might solidify everyone else's commitment to the law. Might be healthy for victims to participate in their perpetrator's punishment and when people commit crimes, our entire culture is hurt by it.

Bring back the Stockade!

Totally serious about this.

Rules of the Stockade

1. Visitors get 4 minutes to speak to the prisoner (visitors do not have to be victims).

2. No physical confrontion (that includes throwing things).

3. No profanity (we want eveyone to hear this and profanity has no meaning after a while).

4. (2) 3 hour shifts a day until everyone that wants to speak has had the opportunity to speak.

5. Prisoner is not allowed to speak (no the luxury of apologizing or explaining or grandstanding).

What do you think? Good idea or cruel and unusual?

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