Friday, March 6, 2009

Staging Dr. Gupta

Strange that Sanjay Gupta would not answer his country's call to service, but frankly, we're lucky the "sexy" neurosurgeon is not going to be Surgeon General.

His reluctance to serve reflects his historical reluctance to support Universal Health Care, which inherently calls for sacrifice from people like him.

Remember the fight with Michael Moore over Sicko? CNN had to apologize, blaming Gupta's poor command of the facts on a "transcription typo" (link below).

With hard facts or not, Gupta's "just not that into" UHC and is probably heading off an embarrassing-Judd-Gregg-like resignation. Or maybe it's tax "inconsistencies" he'd rather not air.

Choosing him, if only unofficially, was not Obama's best move so far.

Better to find someone serious. The Surgeon General is going to be in the middle of a raging battle, a blood-bath even, but hopefully everyone will have access to healthcare by the time it's over.

photos: Dr. Sanjay Gupta (photographer unkown), Moore and Gupta duke it out on CNN.

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