Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Republicans Are Afraid of Rush

Inexplicably, Michael Steele has apologized to Rush Limbaugh for calling him an "entertainer" (which he is) and saying that his program can be "incendiary" and "ugly " (which it is and Rush knows it, he made his fortune on it).

Steele is the one with a real position of power. Tough to have to pander to Rush's mob from that height.

Moderate Republicans better get their mojo back and figure out what they stand for. Even Democrats want them to get their game face on. The country needs good ideas from everyone, but they are not going to come from politicians who are beholden to the stone-age mentality perputated by Limbaugh.

Repubbies, please shake this guy and the angry mob that follows him. And if you need his angry mob so much, best think about what you're doing wrong.

photos: Rush Limbugh in the Oval Office and with his (former) drug of choice, Michael Steele begging for forgiveness (not really!), graphic by unknown designer. Agilog gives credit when it's known.

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Vicente Duque said...

Agi :

So the Leader of the Party of Abraham Lincoln is Rush Limbaugh ??

What incredible degradation !
The Party in the hands of a Merchant of Hate.

The Hardcore and Kernel of American Politics is Minorities.

That is Race : That is Human Physical Differences in Skin Color, Facial Features, in other Words Racial Differences, colors, etc ...

Racial Politics of Hate and hindering the progress of Minorities is what Rush Limbaugh preaches every day before his microphone. That is why he is so powerful, because he is in the Kernel of American Politics. The Crux of the Matter is Race.

And with the increase in New Minority Voters, the Republican Party is not going to win in Elections.



Vicente Duque