Wednesday, February 18, 2009

California House Republicans Should Be Fired

...for replacing their "leader" and spurring on more negotiation time while the world collapses around them because of their inability to face reality.


This staying up all night crap is total nonsense. Getting your job done in an allotted, reasonable period of time is part of any job. And citizens' livelihoods are on the line. Let's raise the competence level here, no excuses. Yeah, it's hard, you have to agree on something. (Can you imagine getting away with this on your job...?)

Then, brilliant move on Senator Leno's part: a suggestion to the CHRs to "join him (their leader, Codgill) or replace him." 

Terrific to bring in the idea of replacing anybody at this stage of the process. Being challenged that way, they replaced. They probably didn't even know it was an option. Well, you asked for it, now it's Hollingsworth, described as "staunchly anti-tax,"  probably believes if he goes back on the tax thing, he'll be forever labeled a p*%sy. Good luck.

But really, the CHR anti-taxists have to face reality and do their jobs or they should get fired like everybody else would. Stalling because they're worried about their reputations if they ever agree to any tax increase is selfish, counter-productive and will result in severe consequences for tens of thousands of citizens, if not more.

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